Friday, September 13, 2013


13 de Setiembre, 2013 

Today's Friday the Thirteenth. Others thinks this is a bad luck day. But for us, this was just a blessed day, apay? Because today is a red letter day for me. Today, my faithful friends Nyor Jose Mario "Pepe" Alas and Nyora Jennifer "Yeyette" Alas y Perey shall be united as one flesh in the Sacrament of Marriage. 

8:00 PM pasado.
I was prepping myself going to UP to meet with my amigos in the Sikatuna Cantata. Jesson, Mao, Junhar and I rehearsed the Mass setting and Propers to be used in the Wedding. We met at the UP Campus Ministry Office and had a great night practising hymns and chants. And we had this so hilarious chitchat filled with puns and jokes, as if we have no tomorrow to wait (Hahaha!). As we went to our barracks to have a peaceful sleep, I had a sleep over at Jesson's pad. Pero wala na yatang tulog-tulog pa kaming hinintay. We just wait for the morning to be broken. Paano ba naman kasi, a las 2 pasado ng madaling-araw na kami nakahimbing. Ni hindi man lang ako dinalaw ng antok! hahaha! But then, after we woke up and had our morning orations and rituals, I said to myself: this is it, pancit!

7:00 AM
Hala ca! Quezon City is experiencing heavy rain downpour. My gosh, paano na kaya ito? I just crossed my fingers that this rain would stop. And yes! As we arrived from the bus station going to La Laguna, tumila na ang ulan! Yehey! Knocked out kami ni Jesson sa bus! Hahahaha!

9:15 AM pasado.
We just arrived at San Pedro Tunasan. And as usual, 'di kami nagkantututo kung saan na kami patutungo. And via traysikol, nakarating kami sa Simbahan ng San Pedro. Also, we saw the miraculous "Krus ng Tunasan", which Dr. Jose Rizal mentioned in his Noli me Tangere. We arrived at the church and saw some men fixing the altar flooring. As we went to their Coro Mayor,  we again rehearsed our chnats and hymns. In its entirety, the church is so traditional in architectural style. I heard that this was built in the mid 60s, that's why it maintained some traditional features. 

10:45 AM
 Guests and friends has just arrived. I saw my idol Señor Guillermo Gomez - Rivera, my favourite Hispanista singer and flamenco dancer. I grabbed this chance to meet and greet him. What a great opportunity to meet a great man like him. And alas! Nyor Pepe Alas has arrived, having his clean cut a la Jose Rizal outfit. While we servers are hasting to prepare things before the Ritual starts. And Dios gracias!  Nyora Yeyette arrived with calesa and attired in traditional accents and elements. We tolled the church bell continuously, to signal that the Ritual is about to start. Several minutes passed, Fr. Jojo Zerrudo met the couple, the varon and the mujer, at the front door of the church to confect the Ritual.

[Here are some photos taken from Mr. Michael Lim]

The priest confecting the rituals at the front door. The vernacular used is Spanish.  At this point, he enjoins the hands of the couple and says the blessing.
After all of the rings and arrhae are confected, the priest leads the couple to the Sanctuary for the Mass and the "velacion".

1:00 PM pasado
We arrived at the reception nearly late. I was glad that one of the madrina [who is the mayor of San Pedro] said that she appreciated the traditional rites used in the wedding. It was a great compliment for us striving for the traditions of the Church to survive. It was also surprising that a writer from the Philippine Daily Inquirer interviewed Fr. Zerrudo and asked about the wedding ritual we had. I am looking forward for tomorrow's issue of the Inquirer. 
Samangtala, I'm this a little bit nervous because I am going to sing at the programme. And when the emcee called my name [completa con mis apellidos], I was actually shy to sing La Bella Filipina, because the great interpreter of it [Guillermo Gomez] was in the reception, and he's watching me. Pero hala, tumira kami ng mga awiting Kastila gaya ng "Mariposa Bella" (a.k.a. "Paruparong Bukid), "No Te Vayas de Zamboanga, "Cariñosa" and "Rosas Pandan". 

Hindi lang 'yan. Tumula pa kami. Hahaha! Pumulot kami ni Jesson ng tula mula sa mga nagkalat na buko ng sampagita. Ayun! Effect-effect lang!

I think this is the day I felt I am really in Spain. Watching flamenco dancers, singing Spanish songs gave me this nostalgic feeling! Of all the weddings I had attended, this wedding is one of a kind! Muy genial y maravilloso! 

Before we end the day, Nyor and Nyora gave us their endless thanks for assisting them in everything. What a heart-whelming words they express; they almost fired our hearts in unexplainable joy and exultation. Salamat sa Dios and this day is a great day indeed! Really our hearts can't express the joy! 

Indeed, no words can express our joy this day! I just wish good luck, a blessed family life to you, Nyor Pepe and Nyora Yeyette! Naua'y pagpalain po caio nang ating P. Dios! 

Mis saludos!

Love lots,



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