Tuesday, September 10, 2013

T.L.M. Experience 101 with LOLA KERPS

Truly to say, the Traditional Latin Mass is one of a kind in itself. Through time, hindi ako nagsasawa magsimba, que se hodang pagkahaba-haba na, like that of the Rituals during the Passion Friday. And as I quote Saint Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer, "You say the Mass is long? It's because you have a small heart." That's why I keep striving on having my heart so enormous to wonder the mystery of the Holy Mass.   

I can still remember vividly my first TLM at the Parish of the Lord of Divine Mercy, that was the 5th of September 2010. Three years ago when I became curious of what TLM is. So I managed myself to travel via LRT 2 papuntang Sikatuna Village just to have a try of an experience of the TLM. Eventually I became a volunteer member of their schola cantorum, the Sikatuna Cantata. Pawala-wala man ako sa ilang pagkakataon, yet I volunteer myself in singing whenever I find time available. And that experience really touched my heart, my spirit. 2013 na pero wala pa rin akong kasawaan sa pag-assist sa TLM. It's more than an experience -- it is a one-on-one encounter with my Christ.

The Priest's Confiteor, in the person of Fr. Jojo Zerrudo when he was still assigned at the Parish of the Lord of Divine Mercy in Anonas, QC. My first TLM. :)

Eventually, Fr. Mitchell Joe "Jojo" Zerrudo, the Parish Priest of PLDM, was transferred to the Holy Family Parish in Roxas District, Q.C. And this time made myself have a hard time to attend the TLM. The day I went back to my home parish at Sampaloc. But yet, an announcement of TLM at Santo Domingo Church wakened up the endeavor to assist at the Holy Mass again. So I traveled a long way again to Santo Domingo Church to assist at the Holy Mass. Together with my faithful friends -- my siblings, to endearly say, we received the Eucharistic Lord the traditional way. And until today, walang palya at walang lagot, I attend this TLM every 2nd Sunday of the month.

It's more that assisting the Mass, actually. It's a time to share stories, impart everyday experiences, exchange even strange thoughts, and sometimes crack some jokes and musings. The Holy Mass also became a way to fortify and fructify the friendship we have. Jayson Bautista, Renz Dahilig, Noah Acha, Argene Clasara [a new pal of the group] and I actually became the "front pew people" whenever we assist TLM at Santo Domingo. Minsan pa nga, palakasan pa kami ng boses when we chant or sing hymns. Lalo na 'yung umaatikabong "Missa Orbis Factor" o kaya naman "Missa de Angelis", "O Sanctissima" at "Panis Angelicus" ni Fr. Lambillotte. Tila ba kami na yata 'yung extension ng Tiples de Santo Domingo na kumakanta sa Coro Mayor! Hahaha! And there came some of my other apos like April Lopez from Malabon, Joshua Santos of te-Makats, and many more of my apos. But seriously, we want it to become closer to the altar so as to become close with Jesus, to become nearer to the sacred mysteries happening during the entire Mass and to help those who are first-timers to assist at the Mass. ;) 

The return of the TLM at Santo Domingo Church after almost a decade was commenced by Fr. Zerrudo, 9th of March 2013
The first time Msgr. Seamus Patrick Horgan, 1st Secretary of the Apostolic Nunciature, said the Holy Mass at Santo Domingo Church, 5th of April 2013.
Then eventually, little by little, I went back to the Sikatuna Cantata. I still volunteer to sing and help them in musical matters whenever they may need. Just recently, I helped them to arrange some musical pieces in the Hymnal they are going to release this year. A laborious work fulfilled for me, even in my simple ideas. Lalo na, idol na idol ko si Kuya Jesson pagdating sa Latin grammar! Hahaha! It is also a timely chance to restore my friendship with them, indeed a blessing in disguise. Kaway-kaway naman diyan, Kuya Jesson, Junhar, Ron, Mao and the rest of the schola! Hahaha!  

This extraordinary Liturgy draws myself to a mystery, it is a foretaste of the heavenly Liturgy I look forward to. It is also an opportune time to have a spiritual bonding with my friends, ang mga apo ko.  Even in just a short time while, it seems it's an endless experience. I pray that this simple work will crown great reward in the afterlife -- when all of us faithful to Christ will encounter Him, praise Him and bless His name in the heavenly Mass.

Lo and behold those who partake in His Body: the poor, the slave and the humble of heart.

"O res mirabilis, manducat Dominum: pauper, servus et humilis."
-Saint Thomas Aquinas 


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